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Can I block certain types of ads?
Can I block certain types of ads?

Blocking ads in my site/Setting up Ad Restrictions

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Yes. You may limit the content of ads on an ad zone by any of the following restrictions:

  • No Straight / Gay

  • No Dating

  • No Cams

  • No Gambling

  • No Pharma / Supplements

  • No Teen

  • No Escort Services

  • No Hardcore

  • No Genitals

  • No Nudity

  • No BodilyFfluids

  • No Sound

  • No Softcore

  • No App Offer

  • No App Offer /w LP (App Offer with Landing Page)

  • No Adult Games

  • No Exit Prompt

  • No Software

  • No Animation

  • No Financial

  • No Pay Site

  • No PIN Submit

  • No Sex Shop

  • No Sweepstakes

  • No VOD (Video on Demand)

  • No Pick Up Artists

  • No Oral

  • No Penetration

  • No Punishment

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