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4 Easy Steps for a Successful Campaign on Adnium
4 Easy Steps for a Successful Campaign on Adnium

4 Easy Steps for a Successful Campaign on Adnium

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1. Attract the Attention of your Customers

Make sure your ads will attract the attention of your audience, raise their interest, convince the audience that they desire your product, lead customers towards taking action and provide satisfaction if they end up choosing your website or offer.

2. Don't Mislead your Audience

Your ads need to be completely accurate for the landing page advertised. You need to build trust with your audience so they're more likely to explore your page. Above all, don't mislead your audience! Make sure that each ad is entirely relevant for the landing page you're promoting. Follow our short list of Banner Rules to provide a much smoother experience.

3. Keyword & Advanced Targeting

Adnium's keyword targeting is a powerful feature. You're more likely to have your ads seen within your keyword list if you use it. Use exact keywords to have your ads more optimized for your campaign.

To further help you reach your intended audience you can use geo-targeting to have your ads run in a particular country, region and city!

4. Implement Conversion Tracking

Without proper tracking in place, you cannot trace and promote the successful keywords, ads or advertisement themes. Adnium recently added conversion tracking, an invaluable feature for Affiliates. Being able to see how your campaigns are doing and what is triggering a sale or a lead is huge for earning you more!

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