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What ad formats are available?
What ad formats are available?

Ad Formats

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 Adnium supports the following ad formats / sizes:

Desktop Zones:

> Desktop Banner - 300x250 (Cube)

> Desktop Banner - 728x90

> Desktop - Popunder

> Desktop 300x200

Mobile Zone:

> Mobile - 300x250

> Mobile - 300x100

> Mobile - Popunder

> Mobile - IM/Adhesion 300x100

Members Area Desktop Zones:

> MA Desktop 300x250

> MA Desktop 728x90

> MA Desktop Popunder

Members Area Mobile Zones:

> MA Mobile 300x250

> MA Mobile 300x100

> MA Mobile Popunder

> MA Mobile 728x90

Video Ads:

> Regular Video Ads/Pre Roll

> Video Ads IM

> MA Video Ads IM

Direct Link Pre-filled / PEM:
These are direct links with email pass-back. The different numbers indicate the funnels where these links are coming from

Dating Clicks:

These are clicks coming from:
- push clicks

- email clicks

- back button offers

- tabs

Menu Tabs and Push Traffic are only available via Fixed Deal Packages

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