Want to dive deep into retargeting?

It can be a daunting task especially since there are a lot of aspects of retargeting to grasp. This article will inform you of the best practices used in the industry to get you started as an advanced retargeting genius.

Before we launch your first ad

We need to make sure you understand how retargeting works. We have prepared a very informal page to get you caught up & ready. Knowing how retargeting works with Adnium will give you extreme control over your campaigns. Keep your ads fresh and exciting to encourage more clicks.

Get Started: Advanced Retargeting Techniques

1. Segment Your Visitors

The most popular advanced retargeting technique Adnium has to offer is the ability to personalize your retargeting ads based on the products and services a person is interested in. Tailoring your ads specifically for web pages they visit and how they interact with your site will make them more likely to click-through and convert.

You have 2 types of audiences you can target based on their interest with your website.

  • If they are only on your homepage, your retargeting ads should be focused on highlighting your business to attract your audience into thinking about you. These ads will be the most general but your main goal should be generating awareness and driving them to an optimized landing page
  • If they visit your landing pages, this means they're starting to consider making a purchase or completing your call-to action. Your ads should be tailored around the specific products or product categories they're looking at. This will create excitement and it will entice them to come back to your site

2. Keep Ads Fresh & Exciting

Just because someone hasn't converted on your retargeting ad doesn't mean they're not going to. There is a chance that the offer or benefit in your ad just didn't resonate with them.

The best way to convert people who you have been retargeting for a while is to change up your ads. When you change the benefit, offer or combination of the two your ads will be fresh and and in turn, the user will be more likely to engage with them.

Top Tip: Many marketers try to lure lost visitors back with coupons, discounts, offers or benefits.

3. Your Ads go to a Dedicated Landing Page

Creating a designated landing page that matches the same colors and feel of the ad and contains the same call-to-action allows the visitor to feel more comfortable, and heightens your chances of converting them. Keep in mind that your landing page is essentially an extension of the banner ad. You want to provide the same messaging in the headline and call-to-action without over doing it with irrelevant information

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