Sub IDs

The short codes below will pass-back values to your tracking system which will assist in efficient campaign optimization. 

For Adnium you may use any of the following:

Sub I.D.                  Description

{country}                ISO2 country ID

{adzone}                Associated adzone ID

{site}                      Associated site ID

{campaign}           Campaign ID

{banner}                Banner ID

{city}                      City ID

{region}                 Region ID

{carrier}                 Carrier ID

{device}                 Device ID

{device.type}       The type of device being used (desktop, i-pad, mobile phone, or other)

{os}                       Operating System ID

{}            Operating System name

{language}           Language ID

{language.code}  Displays ISO 639-1 language code of one being used

{cost}           The cost of the impression delivered - only applicable for Pop campaigns,
                    tracking cost for banner campaigns needs to be done via API.
{conversion}         Conversion Tracking ID (subid / click ID)

Below is an example of what your URL will look like before and after applying the Sub ID’s:



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